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Employer: New Hampshire State Parks


Job Title: Park Attendant 1 - Maintenance


Wages: $14.63/hour



$125/ Week (The Hampton Beach housing rates

will be discounted)

Job Dates:

From May 15, 2022 to Sep 15, 2022

Preferred Skills & Qualifications: 

Must have passed 8th grade. Must have physical social security card & bank account.

Full Description: 

Park Attendant 1- Maintenance (Up to 4 positions available)(Located at Hampton Beach State Park- Main Beach) $14.63/hour

  • Available Shifts:

    • 2:00-10:30PM


- Performs general interior and exterior upkeep to include washing windows, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, painting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, raking, and collecting trash.

- Assists with monitoring and replenishing inventory of park supplies (Restocking janitorial supply closets)

- Delivers quality customer service to visitors in person, over the telephone, and during guided tours to provide information, answer questions, and give directions; receives and responds to routine complaints

- Operates and transports simple hand tools and equipment to maintain grounds including, but not limited to, mowing, trimming, landscaping, and sweeping.

- Waste management services – picking trash throughout the park to maintain a safe and clean environment for visitors. Emptying over 300 trash barrels with the 9-yard compacting truck which makes frequent trips to the local transfer station.



Basic Purpose Summary: To support visitor services and ensure favorable conditions for parks, recreational areas, and beaches through the provision of customer service, operational support, instructional/educational services and/ or general housekeeping, grounds keeping and maintenance duties, working under close supervision as an entry level staff member.

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