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Thinking of taking an adventure to Grand Marais MN  or Hampton, NH for the summer for work?

You must be 18 years or older

You must have a Tribal ID.

COVID vaccination Required.


These jobs are intended for the summer season but year round jobs will be available.


While applying for jobs, be sure it has housing available. 

We plan to offer workshops and activities throughout the summer months, they will be listed on our Facebook page and employees will be able to sign up through there.


Be ready to work, summer is very busy in seasonal destinations and we need all hands on deck at all times.


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1 Check out this page to better understand if this program is for you.

2 Sign Up if you're interested by filling out the form down below this page.

3 Wait till our team has approved your Sign Up and you'll receive an email welcoming you. (It might take a few days).

4 You're now able to apply to any job available, just fill out the application forms and we will forward them to the employers. Apply to many jobs to help your chances!

5 You're hired! Shoot us an email so we can organize your transportation!

We will not be a part of the actual hiring process. We are just forwarding your applications.

If this is your first job, be sure and write that on the application, your new employer will train you


Ask questions if you have any from the employer, pay, rent, transportation to grocery store, hours per week, start and end date  you will need to work with the employer directly.


If you do decide to come on this adventure, we will provide transportation to your new place of employment either Grand Marais, the Gunflint Trail or Hampton Beach from South Dakota. 


If you get fired or leave your job and want to go back home we will cover transportation back to Rapid City, you will need to make arrangements to get home from there.



If this is your first experience traveling so far from home, consider coming with a buddy!


Our Facebook page will have all information on upcoming activities and workshops. We encourage you to sign up to experience all that these beautiful places have to offer. We will provide transportation to and from events when possible and provide guides when needed. (fishing, camping, surfing, hiking etc.)

No events or workshops are mandatory. Just for fun!


Are you ready for an adventure? Sign up today!

Our goal here is to put willing adventurous employees in touch with potential employers and throw in some fun activities for you at the same time. 

    We will ​oversee activities, transportation to & from Rapid City, SD, along with weekly check-ins with program employees.

     There are 863 miles from Pine Ridge, SD to Grand Marais, MN.        There are 1878 Miles from Pine Ridge to Hampton, NH.


Need help filling out an application, more info or just need help navigating this site ?

Pine Ridge, SD Employee Contact

Cinnamon S. Cuny


Dale Pine


Cook County, MN Employee Contact

Sarah Hamilton

218 388 2214

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