Our Mission

We hope to help two groups of people: Employers of Cook County and young adults from Pine Ridge.

We intend to put together people in a program that'll provide benefits to both. Seasonal employers in a region where jobseekers are anything but plentiful paired with young people from Pine Ridge Reservation where unemployment is consistently around 80%.

Given how Cook County is still a considerable 800 miles away from Pine Ridge, we'll offer transportation support and organize activities to help the employees engage in activities, workshops and classes they may have interest in.

We hope this will give these young adults opportunities to earn money, have an adventure while learning important skills which they'll be able to use to help better the economy on the Pine Ridge reservation.

We want to make it clear that we won't be hiring, we'll be helping employers find employees and vice versa.

Our commitment 

The program's objective is to bridge employees from Pine Ridge, SD with employers of Cook County, MN.

Cook County is a very busy tourist destination with a shortage of workers, and Pine Ridge has a shortage of work opportunities with unemployment hovering at 80%.

We will post jobs for potential employees.


Potential employees will sign up for program. Once approved, they are fully signed up.  They will get to choose what jobs they would like to apply for and contact the employer from this site.

All arrangements will be made by these 2 parties.

What we will do is provide transportation to and from Pine Ridge/Rapid City in some cases upon return.


Employees will need to acquire jobs that offer housing, any jobs listed on this that do not have housing available would be secondary jobs only.

Employers will be responsible to go through their standard hiring process. Applications, interviews, background checks etc.


We plan to offer workshops and activities throughout the summer months, they will be listed on this site and employees will be able to sign up through here.

How do I join the program ?

1 Check out the I am an employee page to better understand if this program is for you.

2 Sign Up if you're interested by filling out the form HERE.

3 Wait till our team has approved your Sign Up and you'll receive an email welcoming you. (It might take a few days).

4 You're now able to apply to any job available, just fill out the application forms and we will forward them to the employers. Apply to many jobs to help your chances!

5 You're hired! Shoot us an email so we can organize your transportation!


Cook County

Cook County's businesses are mostly in the tourism and hospitality industry.  There are other opportunities as well.  Positions are available for entry-level employees, experienced workers, and management levels.  We typically bring about 400 workers per year.  Many jobs start at $12 - $15 per hour.  Positions are available for both seasonal and year-round work. 

Overlooking Superior Hiking Trail forestry and lakes

Source : Visit Cook County

Map of Cook County

map cook county.png

Map Published by Northern Wilds and sponsored by Visit Cook County

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