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Our Commitment

The Program

FIVE years ago, the One Spirit Employment program began in northern Minnesota. Its goal was to provide young people with a chance to learn skills, earn money and experience positive interactions with people from other cultures while also having fun. The Lakota were connected with businesses in Cook County, a popular tourist destination with major labor shortages during the summer season. It was a win-win for everyone involved and overall a huge success.


The program has now caught the attention of other places that are interested in both training the Lakota and having them as part of their seasonal staff. 2  summers ago Hampton Beach, New Hampshire joined the program, providing employment and training opportunities for 10-12 young people in the tourist industry. Over the course of 15 weeks the young Lakota adults will be earning money, learning skills, having fun and interacting with people of all ages from many different cultures in a brand new environment.

Employers, residents and Native American tribes in both locations are ready to welcome the young people from Pine Ridge.

The programs in both New Hampshire and Minnesota will have coordinators whose primary job will be to support the participants and help them navigate the pitfalls that most young people experience as they move away from the safety of their home and family. When they return to Pine Ridge after this summer experience, they will continue to have the support of the program as well as their Lakota family.

Our commitment 

The program's objective is to bridge employees with employers of Cook County, MN. and Hampton, NH

These areas are busy tourist destinations with a shortage of workers, and Pine Ridge has a shortage of work opportunities with unemployment hovering at 80%.

We will post jobs for potential employees.


Potential employees will sign up for program. Once approved, they are fully signed up.  They will get to go to JOBS tab here on website and tell us what jobs they are interested in. We will put them in touch with the employers.

All arrangements of employment will be made by these 2 parties.

What we will do is provide transportation to and from employment destinations.


Employees will need to acquire jobs that offer housing, Employers must offer housing to applicants.

Employers will be responsible to go through their standard hiring process. Applications, interviews, background checks etc.


We plan to offer workshops and activities throughout the summer months, they will be listed on our Facebook page, employees will be able to sign up through there.

How do I join the program ?

1 Check out the I am an employee page to better understand if this program is for you.

2 Sign Up if you're interested by filling out the form HERE.

3 Wait till our team has approved your Sign Up and you'll receive an email welcoming you. (It might take a few days).

4 You're now able to apply to any job available, just fill out the application forms and we will forward them to the employers. Apply to many jobs to help your chances!

5 You're hired! Shoot us an email so we can organize your transportation!

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is a small, welcoming village in New Hampshire located right next to the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer, the village and beach area are chock-full of activities and fun stuff to do. Boredom is an impossible feat considering the 80 free evening concerts taking place throughout the summer, fantastic fireworks displays every week, arcades, boating, sand sculptures & more.

The Gunflint Trail is the only paved road in Cook County accessing the 1 000 000 acres of designated wilderness. And with hundreds of lakes in the county, there's a staggering amount of things to do.

As summer nears, the tourism industry takes off. People from all over come to relax, have fun & venture into the wild. Small local businesses need help through the busy season, but once winter comes 'round, both the weather and the business cools down into a relaxed atmosphere. In a matter of weeks, Grand Marais grows into a bustling town with many events and attractions.

Gunflint Trail & Grand Marais

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