How it works

It all revolves around this website.

You provide us with information about jobs that need filled and we post them here.

Potential employees will apply for jobs as per your instruction listed here. You will be responsible to hire using whatever methods you already use, applications, interviewing, background checks etc.

We will not be a part of the hiring process.

Some of these potential employees may or may not have vehicles.

Any employees applying from this site will require housing.

We will organize transportation to Cook County and South Dakota back when needed.

In the unfortunate event that an employee quits or gets fired and they wish to return home, we will make arrangements and cover the cost of transportation. We will ask you to work with us in giving us a day or so to make necessary travel plans.

Greyhound bus rides will be the most likely form of transportation but we do not want girls traveling alone.

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One Spirit Employment Program provides no representations regarding the character or fitness of any prospective employee for any particular purpose. Employers are responsible for evaluating whether the prospective employee is suitable for the employer’s particular purpose. Employers are further responsible for complying with applicable state and federal law.



"One Spirit Employment Program hereby disclaims, and by using the program Employer agrees to release One Spirit Employment Program from, any liability created by the torts or contracts of prospective employees.”

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