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Boundary Waters outfitter and general staff

at hungry jack outfitters

Employer: Hungry Jack Outfitters


Job Title: Boundary Waters outfitter and general staff


Salary/ Wages: $12/h


Housing available

Monthly cost of housing:


Job Dates:

From May 9, 2021 

Preferred Skills & Qualifications: 

Valid drivers license required, cleaning and customer service experience preferred

Full Description: 

Each year we hire several staff members to help with outfitting folks for their BWCA adventures and cabin stays on Hungry Jack Lake. This summer is no exception and would love to hear from you if you it’s been a dream job you’ve always wondered about.

* It’s fun – we try to not to take life too seriously but need to get things done.

* You’ll meet a lot of really interesting people doing something they love. Lots of customer contact.

* You’ll learn a lot about the area, the wilderness, camping, life and what’s important every day.

* Pay is $12 to $15 an hour depending on position and experience.

* We’re looking for general staff and a more experienced person to take a lead position too.

* Housing is available and inexpensive. Internet, laundry and utilities are included. Shared kitchen space for all staff.

* Our season is May through September and we know many students don’t have all that time open so we can work with schedules. It’s a big plus if you are available for the entire summer.

* 40 hours a week, 5 days on, two days off every week. Opportunities for overtime in the busy season. Accommodations made for time off too.

* Hard, physical, mostly outdoor work with lots of variety each day. You won’t be stuck in a single position all summer.

* Older, experienced, physically fit applicants welcome.

* Must be at least 18, have a valid drivers license, BWCA experience helpful.

* We’re covid safe, masks, social distancing, clean environment, mostly outdoors.


After hours and on your days off you can explore the BWCA, go fishing, hiking or whatever. It’s a lovely place to be no matter what you’re doing.


Interested? Email us with a resume and/or ask for an application. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d be a good candidate.


It looks like it’ll be a busy summer. We’d love to have you on the team. Dave and Nancy Seaton

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