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Donut decorator at world's best donuts

Employer: World's Best Donuts


Job Title: Donut Decorator


Salary/ Wages: $11/h + Tips


Housing available

Monthly cost of housing:


Job Dates:

From: May 14, 2021 to Oct 16, 2021

Preferred Skills & Qualifications: 

I don't have co-ed housing, so am looking for females as I already have 1 female in the house. Males may apply if they have their own housing.


Full Description: 

This job starts at 4:00am. Applicant must be able to get up early and be to work on time!

It's usually busy from start of shift to end of shift. Applicant must be able to stand during shift. It's a small workspace so being able to work closely with others is a must. The donut decorator will be filling, frosting and glazing, and decorating a variety of donuts and is responsible for insuring consistency and quality in finishing the products. This position also helps with dishes and other tasks as needed.

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