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Crew member at hungry hippie tacos

Employer: Hungry Hippie Tacos


Job Title: Crew member


Salary/ Wages: $12 - $14/h

Housing available

Monthly cost of housing:


Job Dates:

From May 9, 2022

Full Description: 

Hungry Hippie Tacos is a cross trained, team based work environment. It’s a quick counter service restaurant. All tips are split evenly among all staff members per shift.


All HHT employees will have a hand in the day to day operations of the business with the goal of delivering a high quality menu + excellent customer service. These operations include cashiers + line cooks, as well as a morning prep cook. Staff will be crossed trained on all positions.


Job Description:

-Being able to function in a fast paced environment as part of a team.

-Positive + professional approach with coworkers and customers

-Restaurant experience preferred but not essential

-Must be able + willing to treat all customers with kindness + respect

-Patient with an ability to stay positive under pressure

-Self motivation is a plus

-Flexibility to work evenings + weekends -Full + Part Time availability



-Employee Discount

-Flexible Schedule

-Meals Provided

-Paid Training

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