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Employer: Wilderness Canoe Base


Job Title: Staff


Salary/ Wages: $300/Week

Housing available

Monthly cost of housing:


Job Dates:

From May 27, 2022 to Aug 14, 2022

Preferred Skills & Qualifications: 

We do not have many qualifications, but we do hope all staff like being outdoors, working with kids, and willing to take part in all parts of the camp experience.


Full Description: 

Join Wilderness Canoe Base and spend a summer in the beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). If you are someone who loves the outdoors, leading high adventure programming, and working with others all while rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) traditions, consider working for Wilderness Canoe Base! From guiding canoe trips, to supporting the day-to-day work that happens on-site, there are so many incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and participate in a truly transformative summer.

In particular, Wilderness Canoe Base is looking to hire Canoe Guides (staff who lead youth out on the camping trips), Kitchen Staff (staff who make made-from-scratch meals for people in our dining hall), and Maintenance Staff (staff who are caring for the facilities and property, and offering hospitality in welcoming and coordinating group arrivals and departures). Staff who work at Wilderness Canoe Base have transformational, profound experiences. The opportunity to disconnect, live in community, have exciting adventures, be challenged and persevere, and lead others on these experiences at the same time, provides for a wonderful setting to learn and grow. While some of the daily tasks maybe don't feel super transferable to other jobs, the intangible experiences and growth will make you a dynamic and more well-rounded employee for any future employer.

Summer Details – The weeklong summer staff work schedule is eleven weeks which includes two weeks of staff training, eight weeks of camp, and a fourth of July break.

Staff Training – May 27/29 – June 14 Staff training begins Memorial Day weekend and continues for a period of two weeks. During that time you will be given opportunities to complete certain certifications such as; CPR, NOLS Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness Water Safety. Additional conversations and trainings pertaining to DEI, LGBTQIA+ care and support, youth development, mental health and trauma-informed care, cultural competency, and much more happens during these 2.5 weeks.

Summer Program – June 15 – August 14* Program this summer will primarily be either canoe trips (where guests go on 5-night camping trips) or family camp experiences. Staff lead all aspects of these experiences, and help to ensure that all guests have a transformational experience. *Note: It is possible to either end early or stay beyond August 14. Conversation about length of commitment can happen during application and interview process.

Summer Wage – Pay scale starts at $300 a week (in 2022) Housing and Meals – Staff receive free housing and meals throughout the duration of the summer. Time Off – On average, staff receive one and one half days off per week throughout the summer. Additional time off can be requested prior to the summer.

Previous Experience and Prerequisites Required – In many ways, we are open to hiring people with all backgrounds and experiences. Every year we hire some staff who have never been camping or have never been in a canoe, while we hire others who have spent their whole life outdoors. Our staff training helps to train and equip staff to do the work that is required, regardless of previous experience. On the other hand, there are some tangible realities of this job. We are looking for people who a) are good people, b) like working with kids, c) are willing to be a part of faith conversations (from your own perspective and whether you are Lutheran, Christian, or not), d) willing to be outside a lot, and e) willing to be deeply a part of the community of people who are at the site every day. If your answer was yes to each of these, you'll make an excellent staff member at Wilderness Canoe Base (whether you have much previous camping experience or not).

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